Structure: Bones


The clavicle is a curved bone connecting the trunk to the arm. Covered in this tutorial: medial end, lateral end, shaft, ligaments, and muscle attachments.
clavicle anatomy


The ulna is a long bone located medially in the forearm. This tutorial reviews the following anatomy: proximal ulna, shaft, and distal ulna.
ulna anatomy

Radius (Bone)

Learn about the anatomy of the radius – head, neck, shaft, distal radius, muscle attachments, articulations and key anatomical relations.
radius anatomy


The scapula connects the humerus with the clavicle and forms the back of the shoulder (pectoral) girdle. It is a flat triangular shaped bone located posterolaterally on the thoracic cage.
Scapula - Interactive 3D Anatomy

Cranial Fossae

The floor of the cranial cavity is formed by three cranial fossae: Anterior cranial fossa: houses the frontal lobes of the brainMiddle cranial fossa: houses the temporal lobes of the brainPosterior cranial fossa: houses the brainstem and cerebellum

Tibia and Fibula

Learn all about the anatomy of the tibia and fibula in this tutorial.
tibia and fibula


Learn all about the anatomy of the femur in this tutorial.


3D video anatomy tutorial on the features of the sternum.