Privacy Policy

AnatomyZone takes privacy very seriously. We don’t like having our data shared any more than you do, so we keep your information to ourselves. The policy below outlines how AnatomyZone will treat your data, and what it is used for – please take a moment to review the details.

Our Privacy Commitment

The following document defines how AnatomyZone will collect and use data collected from our users. Every effort is made to ensure the privacy of this data through various security measures employed on the site.

We may make changes to our privacy policy from time to time, and changes will be posted here (

What Information is Collected?

Whether you are registered as a AnatomyZone member or not, we collect data on all users through Google Analytics, and through our own software. This cannot be used to identify you personally, but tracks the number of visits to certain pages, time spent on the site, geographical location, and other technical details.

Registered users provide data including but not limited to name, email, profession and biographical information. The full extent of this can be seen by viewing the registration and profile pages of users.

When you contact us – whether it be by email, or through the site, these communications are likely to be stored for future reference, and to ensure that you receive a response.

How Do We Use Your Information?

To allow you to customise your experience on the site by creating a profile and setting preferences.

To provide your name on any comments you post.

To contact you via email about important changes to the site, to notify you of when content you submit is approved, or to respond to queries or comments you send to us.

To monitor for any unauthorised access to your account or misuse of the website.

For our own information on how many users are accessing the site, what they are interested in, and general trends in tutorials that are viewed. This will help us tailor the future development of the site to be more useful, or to deliver the best content to our users. Furthermore, such aggregate data may be provided to third parties, or included in publications and presentations. In these circumstances, no personally identifiable data will be included without first seeking express permission from the user in question.

From time to time we may post polls, surveys, or request feedback from our users for research purposes. These are entirely optional, and details of how the information will be used will be provided at the time.

How Don’t We Use Your Details

Your personal details (name, email, job etc.) are NEVER given to third parties for marketing. We hate spam as much as you do, so we’re not going to subject you to it.

How Long is Information Stored

We keep your information for as long as you are a member of AnatomyZone. This may extend beyond this period if we feel it necessary in order to fulfil our obligations to you, protect our legal interests, or to undertake analysis of our website to benefit you and future users.

Disclosure of Your Information

AnatomyZone may disclose your details to the following groups, should the need arise:

  • Site editors – for the purpose of contacting you for responding to queries, or for following up suspicious or inappropriate activity on your account. The same privacy rules apply to our editors and moderators as to the site owners.
  • Third parties – we may disclose information, including name and contact details, to any third party claiming material posted by you is defamatory or violates their intellectual property rights or right to privacy.
  • We may use any and all information to adhere to any legal requirements to disclose to third parties (including, but not limited to, legal authorities or regulating bodies), or to enforce our legal rights.

Data Security

We take a large number of measures to ensure that user data is protected within our site databases. Various steps are required to authenticate users as genuine, and to prevent attacks on the site. Despite this, no information transmitted across the internet can be guaranteed to be secure, and so we cannot be responsible for your information as it makes its way to us – any transmission is at your own risk. Once the information reaches us, we will then do our utmost to ensure it remains private.

Your Use of the Website

By providing us with your data, you consent to the use of that information as defined within this document. Please review it regularly to check for any changes.

Should you wish to contact us regarding any aspect of our privacy policy, you may do so by using our contact form.