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1. Which region of the frontal lobe is responsible for initiating movement by directly connecting to cranial and spinal motor neurons?

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2. Which extrapyramidal tract incorporates equilibrium sensations with motor commands to aid in posture and movement?

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3. Which region of gray matter in the spinal cord contains motor neurons that innervate skeletal muscles?

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4. What type of reflex can protect the foot when a painful stimulus is sensed?

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5. What is the name for the topographical representation of the sensory input to the somatosensory cortex?

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6. Critical Thinking: The prefrontal lobotomy is a drastic—and largely out-of-practice—procedure used to disconnect that portion of the cerebral cortex from the rest of the frontal lobe and the diencephalon as a psychiatric therapy. Why would this have been thought necessary for someone with a potentially uncontrollable behavior?

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7. Critical Thinking: If a reflex is a limited circuit within the somatic system, why do physical and neurological exams include them to test the health of an individual?

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