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1. Which of the following could be elements of cytoarchitecture, as related to Brodmann’s microscopic studies of the cerebral cortex?

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2. Which of the following could be a multimodal integrative area?

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3. Which is an example of episodic memory?

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4. Which type of aphasia is more like hearing a foreign language spoken?

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5. What region of the cerebral cortex is associated with understanding language, both from another person and the language a person generates himself or herself?

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6. Critical Thinking: A patient’s performance of the majority of the mental status exam subtests is in line with the expected norms, but the patient cannot repeat a string of numbers given by the examiner. What is a likely explanation?

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7. Critical Thinking: A patient responds to the question “What is your name?” with a look of incomprehension. Which of the two major language areas is most likely affected and what is the name for that type of aphasia?

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