Region: Pleural Cavities

Right Main Bronchus

Right Main Bronchus The structure indicated is the right main bronchus. The trachea divides into two main bronchi – the right main bronchus and the left main bronchus (also referred to as primary bronchi). The trachea divides at the level of the sternal angle and the point at which it bifurcates is known as the carina – a cartilaginous ridge which runs between the left and right main bronchi. The main bronchi then divide into smaller and smaller airways in the following sequence: Lobar bronchi (secondary bronchi) Segmental bronchi (tertiary bronchi) Bronchioles Terminal bronchioles Respiratory bronchioles Alveolar ducts Alveolar sacs …

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Right Main Bronchus

Middle Lobe of Right Lung

Middle Lobe of Right Lung The right lung consists of three lobes: superior lobe inferior lobe middle lobe. These lobes are separated by two fissures, known as the oblique fissure and the horizontal fissure. The oblique fissure separates the middle and inferior lobes, whereas the horizontal fissure separates the superior and middle lobes. Pictured here is the middle lobe of the right lung. The left lung, on the other hand only has two lobes separated by one fissure. The superior lobe is separated from the inferior lobe by the oblique fissure. Learn more about the respiratory system in this tutorial.
Middle lobe of right lung