Manubrium of Sternum

Author: Dr Peter de Souza
Last modified: 13 December 2020

Manubrium of Sternum

The highlighted structure is the manubrium of the sternum.

The sternum consists of three parts

  1. Manubrium of the sternum
  2. Body of sternum
  3. Xiphoid process

The manubrium of the sternum is the superior part of the sternum. The manubrium has the following features:

  • Jugular notch (suprasternal notch) – you can palpate this notch yourself if you feel in the midline between the proximal ends of your clavicles.
  • Articular site for clavicle
  • Facet for attachment of first costal cartilage
  • Demifacet for articulation with second costal cartilage

Where the manubrium meets the body of the sternum, is a joint called the manubriosternal joint. This joint forms a distinct angle known as the sternal angle, or the Angle of Louis, and is an important anatomical landmark.

This joint marks the point where the second rib articulates with the sternum, and it lies at the level of the horizontal plane which passes through the intervertebral disc between vertebrae T4 and T5.

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