Hamate Bone

Author: Dr Peter de Souza
Last modified: 13 December 2020

Hamate Bone

The structure indicated is the hamate bone of the hand.

There are three groups of bones in the hand:

  1. Carpal bones (8 in total)
  2. Metacarpal bones
  3. Phalanges

The carpal bones are separated into two rows:

  1. Proximal row
  2. Distal row

The hamate bone is one of four bones in the distal row of carpals (hamate, capitate, trapezium, trapezoid). It is named after its small hook-like process (“hamulus” comes from the Latin meaning hook). Several structures attach to the hook of the hamate bone. The hamate bone has the following articulations:

  • Radial: capitate
  • Ulnar: pisiform
  • Proximal: lunate
  • Distal: metacarpals of 4th and 5th

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