Renal Artery

Renal Artery The structure indicated is the right renal artery. The renal arteries are lateral branches of the abdominal aorta which arise at the level of the intervertebral disc between L1 and L2, just below the origin of the superior mesenteric arteries. There is one renal artery that supplies each kidney. The right renal artery tends to originate slightly lower than the left renal artery, and it passes behind the inferior vena cava to supply the right kidney. The renal arteries then divide into a few anterior and posterior branches at the hilum. The renal arteries can become narrowed, or …

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Right renal artery

Renal Pelvis

Renal Pelvis The renal pelvis is the proximal dilated aspect of the ureter in the kidney. It functions to funnel urine into the ureters. Urine empties from the renal papilla into the minor calyces, which in turn drain into the major calyces, and then into the renal pelvis. To learn more about the internal anatomy of the renal pelvis take a look at this video.
Renal pelvis highlighted in green