Middle Nasal Concha

Middle Nasal Concha The structure indicated is the middle nasal concha. There are three nasal conchae which make up the lateral wall of the nasal cavity. The nasal conchae are curved bones which create channels for the flow of air through the nose. There are four air channels: Inferior nasal meatus (underneath inferior nasal concha) Middle nasal meatus (underneath medial nasal concha) Superior nasal meatus (underneath superior nasal concha) Spheno-ethmoidal recess (between superior nasal concha and nasal roof) The superior and middle nasal concha are formed from the ethmoidal labyrinths of the ethmoid bone. The ethmoidal labyrinths lie on either …

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Middle Nasal Concha

Major alar cartilage

Major alar cartilage The structure indicated is the major alar cartilage (greater alar cartilage). The lateral walls of the external nose are comprised from three cartilages: Lateral process of septal cartilage Major alar cartilage Minor alar cartilage The major alar cartilage is located directly below the lateral process of the septal cartilage. It is structured such that it is bent in on itself to form both the medial and lateral walls of the nose. The crus laterale forms the lateral wall, whereas the crus mediale forms the medial wall.
Major Alar Cartilage