Posterior Inferior Tibiofibular Ligament

Posterior Inferior Tibiofibular Ligament The structure indicated is the posterior inferior tibiofibular ligament. The distal ends of the tibia and the fibula are held together by the inferior portion of the interosseous membrane. The interosseous membrane is the membrane which joins the tibia to the fibula along its entire length, separating the leg into anterior and posterior compartments. There are two apertures within the interosseous membrane proximally and distally which allow vessels to pass from one compartment to the other. In addition to the attachment of the interosseous membrane inferiorly between the distal tibia and fibula, this inferior articulation is …

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posterior inferior tibiofibular ligament

Head of Fibula

Head of Fibula The structure indicated is the head of the fibula. The two bones of the leg are the tibia and the fibula. The fibula is the smaller of the two bones and lies laterally. The head of the fibula is an expansion of the fibula at the proximal end, and is flattened superiorly and medially forming a surface for articulation with the lateral condyle of the tibia. The head of the fibula provides the point of attachment for several muscles and ligaments, including the biceps femoris and the lateral collateral ligament (fibular collateral ligament). Just below the head …

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Head of Fibula