Descending Aorta

Descending Aorta The structure indicated is the descending aorta. The aorta consist of the ascending aorta, the aortic arch, and the descending aorta. The descending aorta is the largest artery in the human body and consists of a thoracic part and an abdominal part. The descending aorta passes through the aortic hiatus of the diaphragm together with the azygos vein and thoracic duct to enter the abdominal cavity where it is then referred to as the abdominal aorta. The abdominal aorta terminates by dividing at the aortic bifurcation into the common iliac arteries at the level of the fourth lumbar …

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descending aorta

Median Sacral Artery

Median Sacral Artery The structure indicated is the median sacral artery. The median sacral artery arises just above the bifurcation of the aorta into the common iliac arteries. The abdominal aorta gives off anterior, posterior and lateral branches. The anterior branches include: Celiac trunk Superior mesenteric artery Gonadal arteries Inferior mesenteric arteries Lateral branches: Middle suprarenal arteries Renal arteries Posterior branches: Inferior phrenic arteries Lumbar arteries Median sacral arteries The median sacral artery supplies the coccyx, the lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum.
medial sacral artery