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System: Urinary

Kidney and Ureter

Learn about the anatomy of the kidney and ureters using this collection of 3D interactive modules and narrated video tutorials

Minor Calyx of Kidney

Minor Calyx of Kidney The structure indicated is the minor calyx of the kidney. The kidney consists of an outer cortex and an inner medulla. The cortex projects into the kidney dividing the medulla into triangular shaped renal pyramids, whose apices are surrounded by a minor calyx (calices = plural). The minor calices join to form a major calyx, which in turn unite to form the renal pelvis which exit the kidney to form the ureters. The calyx system of the kidney serves to drain urine. The smooth muscle walls of the calices are capable of peristalsis, which helps to …

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Minor Calyx

Renal Pelvis

Renal Pelvis The renal pelvis is the proximal dilated aspect of the ureter in the kidney. It functions to funnel urine into the ureters. Urine empties from the renal papilla into the minor calyces, which in turn drain into the major calyces, and then into the renal pelvis. To learn more about the internal anatomy of the renal pelvis take a look at this video.
Renal pelvis highlighted in green