Author: Dr Peter de Souza
Last modified: 18 November 2022

The peroneus longus (fibularis longus) is one of the muscles within the lateral compartment of the leg.

The leg is comprised of anterior, lateral and posterior compartments. The lateral compartment consists of two muscles, the peroneus longus (fibularis longus) and the peroneus brevis (fibularis previs).


  • Fibula: head and upper lateral surface of fibula
  • Tibia: lateral tibial condyle


  • Inferolateral sides of distal end of medial cuneiform
  • Base of 1st metatarsal


  • Eversion of foot
  • Plantarflexion of foot
  • Supports arches of foot


  • Superficial fibular nerve: L5, S1, S2

Blood Supply

  • Anterior tibial artery
  • Peroneal artery