Long Head of Triceps Brachii

Author: Dr Peter de Souza
Last modified: 13 December 2020

Long Head of Triceps Brachii

The structure indicated is the long head of the triceps brachii.

The triceps brachii is the sole muscle in the posterior compartment of the arm. As the name suggests, the triceps brachii has three heads:

  1. Long head
  2. Medial head
  3. Lateral head

These three heads converge to insert on the olecranon of the ulna.


  • Long head – infraglenoid tubercle of scapula
  • Medial head – posteriorly on the shaft of the humerus below the radial groove
  • Lateral head – posteriorly on the humerus, above the radial groove

Insertion: Olecranon of the ulna

Action: Extension of the forearm at the elbow joint

Innervation: Radial nerve