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1. In humans, exposure of the skin to sunlight is required for ________.

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2. One of the functions of the integumentary system is protection. Which of the following does not directly contribute to that function?

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3. An individual using a sharp knife notices a small amount of blood where he just cut himself. Which of the following layers of skin did he have to cut into in order to bleed?

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4. As you are walking down the beach, you see a dead, dry, shriveled-up fish. Which layer of your epidermis keeps you from drying out?

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5. If you cut yourself and bacteria enter the wound, which of the following cells would help get rid of the bacteria?

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6. Critical Thinking: Why do people sweat excessively when exercising outside on a hot day?

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7. Critical Thinking: Explain your skin’s response to a drop in body core temperature.

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