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1. If a thermoreceptor is sensitive to temperature sensations, what would a chemoreceptor be sensitive to?

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2. Which of these locations is where the greatest level of integration is taking place in the example of testing the temperature of the shower?

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3. How long does all the signaling through the sensory pathway, within the central nervous system, and through the motor command pathway take?

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4. What is the target of an upper motor neuron?

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5. Critical Thinking: Sensory fibers, or pathways, are referred to as “afferent.” Motor fibers, or pathways, are referred to as “efferent.” What can you infer about the meaning of these two terms (afferent and efferent) in a structural or anatomical context?

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6. Critical Thinking: If a person has a motor disorder and cannot move their arm voluntarily, but their muscles have tone, which motor neuron—upper or lower—is probably affected? Explain why.

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