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1. Sperm and ova are similar in terms of ________.

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2. Although the male ejaculate contains hundreds of millions of sperm, ________.

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3. As sperm first reach the oocyte, they will contact the ________.

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4. Fusion of pronuclei occurs during ________.

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5. Sperm must first complete ________ to enable the fertilization of an oocyte.

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6. Critical Thinking: Darcy and Raul are having difficulty conceiving a child. Darcy ovulates every 28 days, and Raul’s sperm count is normal. If we could observe Raul’s sperm about an hour after ejaculation, however, we’d see that they appear to be moving only sluggishly. When Raul’s sperm eventually encounter Darcy’s oocyte, they appear to be incapable of generating an adequate acrosomal reaction. Which process has probably gone wrong?

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7. Critical Thinking: Sherrise is a sexually active college student. On Saturday night, she has unprotected sex with her boyfriend. On Tuesday morning, she experiences the twinge of mid-cycle pain that she typically feels when she is ovulating. This makes Sherrise extremely anxious that she might soon learn she is pregnant. Is Sherrise’s concern valid? Why or why not?

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