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1. Without olfactory sensation to complement gustatory stimuli, food will taste bland unless it is seasoned with which substance?

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2. Which of the following cranial nerves is not part of the VOR?

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3. Which nerve is responsible for controlling the muscles that result in the gag reflex?

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4. Which nerve is responsible for taste, as well as salivation, in the anterior oral cavity?

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5. Which of the following nerves controls movements of the neck?

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6. Critical Thinking: As a person ages, their ability to focus on near objects (accommodation) changes. If a person is already myopic (near-sighted), why would corrective lenses not be necessary to read a book or computer screen?

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7. Critical Thinking: When a patient flexes their neck, the head tips to the right side. Also, their tongue sticks out slightly to the left when they try to stick it straight out. Where is the damage to the brain stem most likely located?

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