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1. Which of these sensory modalities does not pass through the ventral posterior thalamus?

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2. Which nucleus in the medulla is connected to the inferior colliculus?

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3. Visual stimuli in the upper-left visual field will be processed in what region of the primary visual cortex?

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4. Which location on the body has the largest region of somatosensory cortex representing it, according to the sensory homunculus?

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5. Which of the following is a direct target of the vestibular ganglion?

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6. Critical Thinking: Following a motorcycle accident, the victim loses the ability to move the right leg but has normal control over the left one, suggesting a hemisection somewhere in the thoracic region of the spinal cord. What sensory deficits would be expected in terms of touch versus pain? Explain your answer.

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7. Critical Thinking: A pituitary tumor can cause perceptual losses in the lateral visual field. The pituitary gland is located directly inferior to the hypothalamus. Why would this happen?

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