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1. Which of these locations in the forebrain is the master control center for homeostasis through the autonomic and endocrine systems?

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2. Which nerve projects to the hypothalamus to indicate the level of light stimuli in the retina?

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3. What region of the limbic lobe is responsible for generating stress responses via the hypothalamus?

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4. What is another name for the preganglionic sympathetic fibers that project to the heart?

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5. What central fiber tract connects forebrain and brain stem structures with the hypothalamus?

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6. Critical Thinking: Horner’s syndrome is a condition that presents with changes in one eye, such as pupillary constriction and dropping of eyelids, as well as decreased sweating in the face. Why could a tumor in the thoracic cavity have an effect on these autonomic functions?

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7. Critical Thinking: The cardiovascular center is responsible for regulating the heart and blood vessels through homeostatic mechanisms. What tone does each component of the cardiovascular system have? What connections does the cardiovascular center invoke to keep these two systems in their resting tone?

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