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1. Which bony landmark of the femur serves as a site for muscle attachments?

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2. What structure contributes to the knee joint?

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3. Which tarsal bone articulates with the tibia and fibula?

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4. What is the total number of bones found in the foot and toes?

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5. The tibia ________.

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6. Critical Thinking: Define the regions of the lower limb, name the bones found in each region, and describe the bony landmarks that articulate together to form the hip, knee, and ankle joints.

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7. Critical Thinking: The talus bone of the foot receives the weight of the body from the tibia. The talus bone then distributes this weight toward the ground in two directions: one-half of the body weight is passed in a posterior direction and one-half of the weight is passed in an anterior direction. Describe the arrangement of the tarsal and metatarsal bones that are involved in both the posterior and anterior distribution of body weight.

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