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1. The process in which antibodies attach to antigens, causing the formation of masses of linked cells, is called ________.

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2. People with ABO blood type O ________.

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3. Hemolytic disease of the newborn is a risk during a subsequent pregnancy in which ________.

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4. Critical Thinking: Following a motor vehicle accident, a patient is rushed to the emergency department with multiple traumatic injuries, causing severe bleeding. The patient’s condition is critical, and there is no time for determining his blood type. What type of blood is transfused, and why?

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5. Critical Thinking: In preparation for a scheduled surgery, a patient visits the hospital lab for a blood draw. The technician collects a blood sample and performs a test to determine its type. She places a sample of the patient’s blood in two wells. To the first well she adds anti-A antibody. To the second she adds anti-B antibody. Both samples visibly agglutinate. Has the technician made an error, or is this a normal response? If normal, what blood type does this indicate?

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