Arm Muscles Anatomy

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Anterior Compartment

MuscleActionOriginInsertionInnervationBlood supply
Biceps Brachii- Flexion of elbow
- Supination of forearm
- Short head: Coracoid process
- Long head: Supraglenoid tubercle
- Radial tuberosity- Musculocutaneous nerve- Brachial artery
Brachialis- Flexion of elbow- Distal half of anterior humerus- Ulna tuberosity- Musculocutaneous nerve- Brachial artery
Coracobrachialis- Assists in flexion of shoulder- Coracoid Process- Medial midshaft humerus- Musculocutaneous nerve- Brachial artery


Posterior Compartment

MuscleActionOriginInsertionInnervationBlood supply
Triceps Brachii- Extension of elbow
- Extension of shoulder
- Long head: Infraglenoid tubercle of scapula
- Medial head: Distal half of posterior humerus
- Lateral head: Proximal half of posterior humerus
- Olecranon process of Ulna- Radial nerve; C7, 8- Brachial artery