• Iliococcygeus
  • Pubococcygeus
  • Puborectalis
  • Coccygeus

MuscleActionOriginInsertionInnervationBlood supply
Levator ani (3 muscles);
- Anatomically: Part of pelvic floor
- Functionally: Supports the pelvic viscera,
Maintains angle between rectum and anal canal,
Reinforces external anal sphincter and, in women, is a vaginal sphincter
- Iliococcygeus: Obturator fascia
- Pubococcygeus and Puborectalis: Posterior pubic body
- Iliococcygeus: Coccyx and Forms tendinous raphe with its partner
- Pubococcygeus and Puborectalis: prostate(male), vagina (female), perineal body, rectum, coccyx
- Direct branch from ventral ramus of S4
- Inferior rectal branch of the pudendal nerve: S2 to S4
- Internal pudendal artery
Coccygeus- Anatomically: Part of the pelvic floor
- Functionally: Supports the pelvic viscera. Pulls coccyx anteriorly post defecation
- Ischial spine and pelvic surface of the sacrospinous ligamentLateral margin of coccyx and related border of sacrumBranches from the anterior rami of S3 and S4- Internal pudendal artery