• Plantar interossei
  • Adductor hallucis

MuscleActionOriginInsertionInnervationBlood supply
Plantar interossei- Adduction of toes 3 to 5 at metatarsophalangeal joints
- Resist extension of the metatarsophalangeal joints
- Flexion of the interphalangeal joints
- Medial sides of metatarsals of toes 2-5- Dorsal bases of proximal phalanges of toes III to V- Lateral plantar nerve from tibial nerve : S2,3- Plantar metatarsal artery
Adductor hallucis- Adducts great toe
- Assists in arch support
- Transverse head: ligaments metatarsophalangeal joints of toes 2-5
- Oblique head: bases of metatarsals 2-4
- Lateral side of base of proximal phalanx of great toe- Lateral plantar nerve from tibial nerve: S2,S3- 1st plantar metatarsal artery