• Tibialis posterior
  • Tibialis anterior

MuscleActionOriginInsertionInnervationBlood supply
Tibialis posterior- Inversion and plantarflexion of foot
-Support of medial arch of foot during walking
- Posterior surfaces of interosseous membrane and adjacent regions of tibia and fibula- Tuberosity of navicular and adjacent region of medial cuneiform- Tibial nerve: L4,L5- Sural arteries
- Peroneal artery
- Posterior tibial artery
Tibialis anterior- Dorsiflexion of foot
- Inversion of foot
- Support of medial foot arch
- Lateral tibial condyle and 2/3 shaft
- Interosseous membrane
- Medial and inferior medial cuneiform
- Base of 1st metatarsal
- Deep fibular nerve: L4 ,L5- Anterior tibial artery