• Orbicularis Oculi
  • Corugator supercilii

MuscleActionOriginInsertionInnervationBlood supply
Orbicularis oculi:
- Palpebral part
- Orbital part
- Palpebral: Closes the eyelids gently
- Orbital: Closes the eyelids forcefully
- Palpebral: Medial Palpebral ligament
- Orbital: Nasal portion of frontal bone, frontal process of maxilla, Medial Palpebral ligament
- Palpebral: Lateral palpebral raphe
- Orbital: Fibres form elipse around orbit
- Facial nerve: (cranial nerve VII)- Facial artery
- Zygomatico-orbital branch of superficial temporal artery
- Opthalmic artery
Corrugator supercilii- Pulls the eyebrows medially and inferiorly- Medial superciliary arch- Skin on medial half of eye-brow- Facial nerve: (cranial nerve VII)- Opthalmic artery