• Nasalis: Transverse and Alar
  • Procerus
  • Depressor septi
MuscleActionOriginInsertionInnervationBlood supply
-Transverse part
- Alar part
- Transverse: Compresses nasal aperture
- Alar: Pulls cartilage Inferiorly and lateral
to open nostril
- Transverse: Maxilla (slightly lateral to nose)
- Alar: Maxilla over lateral incisor
-Transverse: Aponeurosis across posterior nose
- Alar: Alar cartilage of nose
- Facial nerve: (cranial nerve VII)- Facial artery
Procerus- Pulls inferomedial angle of eyebrows
(creating horizontal wrinkles over bridge of nose)
- Nasal bone
- Upper part of lateral nasal cartilage
- Skin of lower forehead between eyebrows- Facial nerve: (cranial nerve VII)- Opthalmic artery
Depressor septi- Pulls nose inferiorly- Maxilla above medial incisor- Mobile part of the nasal septum- Facial nerve: (cranial nerve VII)- Facial artery