• Anterior scalene
  • Middle scalene
  • Splenius cervicis
  • Splenius capitis
  • Rectus capitis lateralis
  • Longus colli
  • Intertransversarii
MuscleActionOriginInsertionInnervationBlood supply
Anterior scalene- Elevation of 1st rib
- Lateral flexion of neck to same side
- Anterior tubercle of transverse processes of C3-6- Scalene tubercle
- Superior surface of 1st rib
- Anterior rami of C4-7- Ascending cervical artery
Middle scalene- Elevation of 1sr rib
- Lateral flexion of neck to same side
- Transverse processes of vertebrae CII to CVII- Superior surface of 1st rib- Anterior rami of C3-7-Ascending cervical artery
Splenius cervicis- Together: extend neck
- Individually- Rotate head to same side
- Spinous processes of TIII to TVI- Transverse processes of C1-3- Posterior rami lower cervical nerves- Muscular branches of occipital artery
Splenius capitis- Together: Extend neck
- Individually: Lateral flexion of neck and rotate head to same side
- Lower half of ligamentum nuchae
- Spinous processes of C7-T4
- Mastoid process
- Inferior to lateral superior nuchal line
- Posterior rami C3-6- Occipital artery
Rectus capitis lateralis- Side flexion of neck to same side- Superior part of transverse process of atlas- Inferior part of jugular process of occiput- Branches from anterior rami of C1, C2- Ascending cervical artery
Longus Colli
- Superior oblique part
- Inferior oblique part
- Vertical part
- Flexion of neck
- Side flexion of neck
- Weak rotation of neck to opposite side
- Superior oblique: Anterior tubercles of transverse processes of C3-5
- Inferior oblique: Anterior bodies of T1-3
- Vertical: Anterior bodies of C5-T3
- Superior oblique: Tubercle of anterior arch of atlas
- Inferior oblique: Anterior tubercles of transverse processes of C5,6
- Vertical: Anterior bodies of C2-4
- Anterior rami of C2-6- Ascending cervical artery
Intertransversarii- Weak lateral flexion of spine
- Proprioception
- Small muscles between the transverse processes of contiguous vertebrae C1-C7; T9-12;L1-5(as origin describes)-Posterior rami of spinal nerves- Lumbar arteries
- Posterior intercostal arteries
- Occipital artery
Obliquus capitis superior- Extension of head
- Lateral flexion to same side
- Transverse process of atlas (C1)- Occipital bone between superior and inferior nuchal lines- Dorsal ramus of C1- Occipital artery